WATER you waiting for?

After receiving a massage, one would expect the inevitable advice to “drink water”.  Drinking water is great after a massage to help reduce the soreness that can come from a deep tissue session, but certainly it is also advice that we can follow in our day-to-day lives.  If you were to do a web search on how much water to drink in a day, you might be confused as to all the results that you find.  The most popular thing that I have read is to drink eight 8 oz cups of water per day.  However, I have found one that I like better that is more flexible to each person.  And this is the one that I tried out this month.

I wanted to conduct an experiment on drinking more water in general and how it would affect my life.  The method I chose was easy to calculate, and the results are different for each person.  I simply divided my body weight in half, and drank that much water in ounces each day.  (172 / 2 = 86 oz)  In my case, the result ended up being more water per day than the eight 8 oz cups.  I figured that I wanted to live according to the advice I give my clients each time I finish a massage.

And here are some physical results that I was able to measure:

  • I lost 4 lbs in the course of two weeks.  This is a result from the water as I didn’t make any other changes in my daily routine.
  • I recovered faster (than normally) from sickness.
  • Better sleep, (although this may not be from the water consumption.)
  • Better hydration, measured by my lack of chapped lips.
  • More visits to the restroom…at least the first week, then things normalized

Other results that are non-physical

  • After one week, I felt more detoxified.
  • I started craving water more, and sodas less.
  • I was less picky about whether my water was filtered or cold. I often went straight to the luke-warm tap.
  • Lifted spirits and an overall “healthier” feeling

One of the hardest things about this was the actual effort to drink more water.  For me, I had this experiment and future blog report pushing me forward.  If not for that, I may have simply forgotten my commitment and relapsed into my regular routine.  Also, I almost lost my dedicated water bottle about five times.  However, now that it is part of my routine, it is easier to do.  Now, I get upset if I don’t hit 86 ounces of water each day.

Although results may vary, I’m willing to bet that at least ONE result would be the same if you deigned to try this experiment in your own life: lifted spirits and an overall “healthier” feeling.  Who wants to prove me wrong?