Nicolas Sorensen, LMT

Nicolas has been giving therapeutic massages for over ten years. He specializes in deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, and energy balancing. In January 2016 he took ownership of what was then called Adagio Massage. The name and vision of Adagio Massage then expanded into what is now Embody Wellness. It brings him immense satisfaction to facilitate healing for others, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. He is married to Stephanie Sorensen, a certified yoga instructor, and together they have four children.

Nicolas graduated from the Southwest Academy of Healing Arts (SWAHA) in 2006 and studied under the inspired mentorship of Dr. Mark Waters. He is licensed under Utah’s DOPL

Stephanie Sorensen, CYT & TD

Stephanie is a certified yoga teacher, trained doula and a birth educator. She felt her first call to yoga while practicing kundalini yoga at a small studio in Cedar City. That call eventually led her to the Bodhi Yoga center in Provo and to the tutelage of Syl Carson. Stephanie is the founder of the Bodhi Birth program and works side by side with her husband, Nicolas, at Embody Wellness. She loves educating herself and sharing “what she’s learned so far” with her clients.

Stephanie loves how practicing yoga keeps her living in the present moment, one breath at a time. She is especially passionate about the profound role that yoga plays in pregnancy, emotional health and spirituality. Stephanie is married to Nicolas Sorensen, a gifted massage therapist and energy worker, and together they’re raising four happy children.

Liz Jessop, LMT

Liz has served Utah as a Massage Therapist for more than a decade. Her expertise is in Swedish, Deep Tissue, PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation is a rehabilitative method of stretching), Sports Massage, Outcall Chair Massage, as well as aromatherapy and Chakra Clearing/Balancing.

Liz is a strong advocate for aligning the Mind/Body Connection and encourages her clients to train the mind to heal the body. Liz loves studying psychology and understanding how our thoughts create our health. Liz is a genuine people person and she loves listening to what people want to share about themselves. Sessions are always held in the highest regard to confidentiality. Liz and her husband Kevin live in Springville, Utah, and share a blended family of 10 children and 4 Grandchildren. Liz has also worked under her previous name of Liz Allred (for her long lost clients who find this site and want to reconnect with her, here is where she landed!)

Liz Jessop received her NCBTMB certification in 2005 and graduated from the Southwest Academy of Healing Arts (SWAHA). She has licensure with Utah’s D.O.P.L.

Roberto Scordari, CBP, EFT Life Coach

Roberto is a certified BodyTalk practitioner and a member of the Global Healing Association since 2014. He is a life coach who uses Emotional Freedom Techniques and was trained in Europe as an emotional counselor. Although he found these tools very useful in helping people improve their emotional and physical well being, he always felt something was lacking. Then his marriage led him to the U.S where he discovered the missing piece: The BodyTalk System. Roberto always strongly believed in and often witnessed the immense potential and capacity of the body to self-heal at all levels. In BodyTalk he found a truly holistic, integrative, consciousness-based health care system where he can combine all his expertise in order to awaken and enhance the healing abilities that reside in the body-mind complex.

After certifying as a BodyTalk Practitioner, Roberto and his wife moved back to Europe where he successfully ran a practice for several years. Now that he and his family are living again in the U.S., he’s excited to continue helping people improve their overall wellbeing.

Vickie Sorensen, Master Herbalist

In 1998, Vickie began formulating glycerin extractions for her family out of her own home. Almost twenty years later those extractions have grown into the successful herbal company Vickie Sorensens’s NATURE WORKS and have become household staples in hundreds of homes across the country. She received her Master Herbalist Certification in 1983. She practices bio-kinesiology in her private health consultations, empowering individuals and families on their pathway to wellness. Above all else, Vickie loves teaching about the amazing healing qualities of the plant kingdom. She resides in Cedar City, Utah and is “Mom” to eight biological children, four adopted children, and twenty-four grandchildren who are the light of her life.


Will Wickert, Outdoor Enthusiast

Though born in Utah, Will moved around the country in his youth.  Near the end of his grade school years, his family returned to Utah where he became active in scouting and later on, high school cross country and track.  Through these activities, he was introduced to the beauty of some of Utah’s backcountry and beyond.  He went on to attend Utah Valley University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media with an emphasis in digital cinema and video production. Will currently works for BYU Broadcasting and is raising a family of his own with his wife, Jessica, and their five children.  He is passionate for the outdoors and treasures the great diversity of landscapes we are surrounded by in Utah, from red rock deserts and canyons to the high alpine lakes, meadows and mountain tops.  When out in the wilderness and surrounded by nature, his senses are heightened and he feels more alive.  He also enjoys playing and watching various sports, distance running, vegetable gardening, photography, art and spending time with his family.


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