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A company created out of necessity, and grown through strong commitment to quality.

Vickie Sorensen is a Master Herbalist who offers bio-kinesiology and nutritional consulting as part of her services. Several years ago, she had clients return to tell her that the supplements that she had recommended weren’t working for their problems. After some questioning, she discovered that those clients had purchased the cheapest products they could find, full of fillers and poor quality herbs. Of course they weren’t getting the results they desired! After that, Vickie dedicated herself to finding, producing, and offering the highest quality herbal and nutritional supplements at reasonable prices to her clients. The company Vickie Sorensen’s Nature Works was born in 1998 as a result of this dedication to quality. As our company has grown, we have added the highest quality essential oils and nutritional supplements to our inventory, as well as expanded our capsulated and glycerin extraction lines.

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