Private Yoga Sessions

Thai Partner Yoga

What is Thai Partner Yoga?

Thai Yoga is a synergistic blend of marma point pressure, running sen lines, flowing into deep stretches, easing into yoga postures and focusing on the breath. It gently harnesses prana, stretches the muscles, and subtly yokes mind, body and spirit. It is practiced on a soft pad rolled out on the floor. The Receiver wears comfortable clothes that enable freedom of movement.

Whether you’re flexible and experienced in yoga or just starting out, Thai Yoga meets you wherever you’re at. It has far-reaching benefits for all body types. It can be an amazing boon for those suffering with chronic pain, those in rehabilitation, or even those that are grieving or are clinically depressed. Postures can be modified for an excellent addition to prenatal care or injury recovery.

Guest: $90 / 90 min – Program: $75 / 90 min

What is Private Yoga Mentoring?

Private Yoga Mentoring sessions allow one-on-one mat time between a certified teacher and a student or small group. If you’re seeking to deepen your personal practice, gain confidence, or receive guidance tailored to your individual needs, a private session is an invaluable tool for students of all levels and experience.

Private mentoring can help with some of the following: grasping the basics of yoga, deepening a meditation practice, developing personal confidence in a group or on your own, increase healing from injury or during pregnancy, managing or improving health conditions, dealing with chronic pain, delving into asana alignment and pranayama, or understanding yogic philosophy or varied styles of yoga.


Guest: $75 / hour — Program Rate: $59 / hour  

Private Yoga Mentoring

Post-Parti Plan

What is a Post-Parti Plan?

This session is a one-on-one opportunity postpartum women to explore their own unique pelvic floor health. You will be guided in performing your own self-assessment to ascertain what postpartum exercises, breath work, and other techniques are best suited to your condition that will facilitate healing and recovery where you need it most.

You will leave the session with a personalized plan for your own daily use. Incontinence, prolapse, diastasis recti, birth trauma and so much more is addressed in this empowering session, and it’s not limited to just postpartum moms! Women of all ages and in any phase life will benefit from this thorough pelvic floor exploration.

Guest: $75 / hour – Program: $59 / hour


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