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Cutting Cords

Have you ever felt a powerful connection to someone, and event or a place? The connection could be explained as a cord, or attachment, you have due to a powerful emotional experience with the subject. But, not all connections are positive, some can be an emotional  burden. 

Cutting Cords session helps to discover and sever the negative attachments to things that formed in an unhealthy way. It also works on cords that others impose upon us. Unhealthy connections can take the form of anxiety, fear, energy loss, or feeling stuck.

This session is great for those that want help releasing past trauma or have been through an unhealthy relationship or break up.

Guest Price: $40 / hour – Program Rate: $30 / hour

Tarot and Oracle Card Reading

Now you can try the new card layout unique to Embody Wellness! Get the information that your guardians have for you, learn from your past, and you get to choose the door that opens to your specific needs or desires.

Tarot and oracle cards are traditionally used to foretell, give messages, or channel divine energy to anyone willing to ask for guidance. You just have to come in with a question or intention to be answered. 

If tarot is outside of your comfort realm, oracle cards can be a good substitute for your reading and still provide great insight.

Guest Price: $40 / hour – Program Rate: $30 / hour

Dowsing and Crystal Chakra Balancing

The use of crystals can bring a new level of energy to your life. They hold certain specific frequencies that transfer during use. These can alter our own energy to 

Dowsing can help to clear stagnant energy from your being and give you a new invigoration.

Guest Price: $40 / hour – Program Rate: $30 / hour