4 Elements Retreat

Connect with Nature. Connect with Self.

We live in a technologically powered society which provides immense opportunity for communication, innovation and progress. But such a level of techno-saturation takes a serious toll on our organic and spiritual bodies. Through our wellness retreats, you can reclaim your life and gain the necessary tools you need to maintain balance, health and equanimity. Our retreats are a beautiful fusion of nature excursions, meditation, body work, yoga, Tai Chi, clean eating, group connectivity, private mentoring and personal growth. These retreats are intended to remove the obstacle of technology and regular life “busyness”, challenge the physical body, and promote profound personal growth.

You’ve imagined yourself on the mountain trail, unplugged from the grid, but you’ve never known how to get there. You’ve longed for a deeper sense of purpose, a more enriching spiritual life, a stronger sense of Self, but you haven’t known where to start. You’ve struggled to set goals and maintain healthy relationships and haven’t known what else to try. These retreats were designed for you, and are suited for the beginner and the more-experienced. So if you’re new to the outdoors, meditation or yoga, or you’re looking for more opportunities to deepen your practice, these retreats are the next step. Now you have no excuses.

Let us be your guides.

Summer 2018 Wellness Retreat

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4 Elements Retreat / 5 Nights – 4 Days / July 19-22, 2018

Achieving wellness and high-vibration living is a life-long pursuit. Our retreat is dedicated to helping you in that quest, providing intuitive classes, effective tools, enriching services and transformational experiences. Disharmony, illness, stress, anxiety and a plethora of other ailments manifest in our lives when any, or all, of the four aspects of wellness are out of alignment. The four aspects of wellness are: Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual. Each aspect of our soul coordinates accordingly with the 4 main elements: Wind, Water, Earth & Fire.

Our 4-Elements Retreat includes the following activities:

  • Embark on a guided hike to the stunning Stewart Falls.
  • Enjoy a delicious meal at the world-famous Sundance Ski Resort
  • Group Vinyasa & Restorative Yoga class



  • Experience several different guided Meditation techniques
  • Walk a 40’x40′ stunning labyrinth (a walking meditation experience)
  • Engage in Mindfulness practices, both in a group and in solitude
  • Group Tai Chi class


  • Participate in inspired sessions where you’ll discuss: belief systems, emotional processing tools & writing exercises
  • Experience group processing and transformative simulations
  • Enjoy an outdoor dinner by the campfire


  • Strike out on your last full-day challenge, hiking through the Wasatch wilderness
  • Engage in the “Alone Challenge”, the “Silence Challenge” and the “4-Elements Challenge”


  • 4 private sessions: Intuitive Deep Tissue Massage, Restorative Thai Yoga, BodyTalk, Personal Mentoring
  • Mindfulness Journal, Assorted Readings Packet
  • Access to local excursions and other wellness-oriented activities
  • Gourmet and delicious Whole-Food, Plant-Based meals
  • Lodging at the luxurious and beautiful Aspenwood Manor

Discover the beauty of the Wasatch Front, with an abundance of pristine lakes, waterfalls, and wild lands. Enjoy the sites and sounds of downtown Provo, with top recommendations from  locals who know. Immerse yourself in the sanctuary of mind-body-soul work as you engage in our expansive itinerary.


Photography by Will Wickert: http://www.wasatchwill.net/


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