Membership Thoughts

I created a short video that shares my thoughts on membership:

Why have membership at all?  A little fact is that last year, I was mostly opposed to the idea of a subscription plan for my clients.  Why? I’m an idealist at heart.  I felt that when a client of mine wanted a massage, they would simply schedule one. That was that.  And of course, my clients would not only DO this but they would do this FREQUENTLY. Right?  The truth is, even my most loyal clients have life happen to them and massage isn’t on their minds constantly like it is on mine. Sometimes they need a little reminder. Sometimes, they need to be monetarily committed.

But beyond that, the biggest reason that I created a membership to Embody Wellness is that at the heart of it, it’s about people putting energy, faith, and value into me and the massage I give.  It is similar to the feeling I get when a client compliments my massage.  With each member that signs up, it is like a cheering crowd as I run a marathon! When all of this energy is placed in me, it is magnified and returned back to my members.  I envision it as an endless cycle of positivity constantly cycling through me and each member.  As this happens, I can’t help but go above and beyond to accommodate loyal members of my business, and to give them the BEST massage of their life every time. Members become an energetic part of my business.

To be blunt, this benefits both of us in big ways. Clearly, I benefit by having a dependable stream of monetary investment into my business each month. You benefit by getting access to the quality services you depend on at a discounted rate in exchange for that investment. It’s a beautiful give and take.

I hope you’ll take me up on this offer. Sign up today if you’re even considering it–you won’t regret it!