Meditation: How and Why

When we look at pictures of someone in a meditation they always look relaxed, at peace, and happy.  Most of these images are stylized ads that are meant to portray that feeling.  But even if I try to separate that thought, whenever I picture meditation in my mind, I see a wise old man with a long beard and robes sitting cross-legged.  On his face there is also the same look of peace and happiness that you find in an ad.  So, if it is truly attainable, how can we have this in our life?

In the past, meditation has always been as elusive as a white whale.  When I would sit to try, my mind and body would not relax, or something would come up, or I would feel the opposite of what meditation could bring.  Because of the difficulty, I gave up trying but not the hope.  My desire was rekindled by a positive meditation experience while I was attending massage school.  In fact ever since then, the ship of my life slowly started to change its course in search of that fictional whale.

My first struggle was the pure act of meditation.  How does one actually do it?  I came up with a few tips that are very helpful for me.

  • Start by concentrating on relaxing your body and breathing deeply.  This can help to eliminate distractions that pop up in your mind.
  • There are many different ways to meditate.  I found it hard to start when I worried about sitting properly or holding my hands in the right position.  When I let that go, it was easier to start doing it.
  • Don’t try to make it a marathon.  I had thought that the longer the meditation was, the better.  When you are first starting, it’s okay to have short sessions.  We have to crawl before we can walk, after all.
  • Lastly, I found that guided meditation was very helpful to start.  It reminds me of the time I went skydiving.  If I didn’t have the guy behind me, I wouldn’t have gone out the door of the plane.

Now that the “how” has been touched on, let’s move on to “why?” This is probably something that each needs to answer for themselves, and I think that there is no wrong answer.  I usually tell people the purpose is to unlock your mind. What do I mean by that?

Well, when I began I started to have experiences after meditating that I could only describe as being in a higher mindset.  I felt like small, petty things, (things we often focus so much energy on), didn’t matter that much to me at that time and I felt like I had a power to solve any of my problems just by thinking about them.  This state of mind I feel is key in bettering ourselves in all aspects of our lives.  My goal with meditation is to develop a deeper connection between me and my higher power.

I will end this for now with some invitations.  First, the inspiration for this topic is the meditation group that meets at my office.  Feel free to come and enjoy an hour of guided meditation.  To find more accurate and up to date information, you can join the Facebook group.  The second invitation is to leave a comment here or on Facebook


on what I wrote or your personal experiences with meditation.  If you do, then I will as well.