Massage Therapy

Rejuvenation and relaxation at its finest.

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This is the most basic form of massage, and for some the most rewarding. It involves light, flowing strokes and leaves one feeling rejuvenated.  Nothing says “relax” more than a professional Swedish massage to increase your endorphin levels and blood flow to the body. If you are new to massage, this modality can be a gentle and appealing introduction to the work of massage therapy. But even if you receive regular massage, this approach is guaranteed to satisfy.

Member Rate: $49 / hour  —  Guest: $60 / hour


There are many forms of massage categorized under “Deep Tissue”.  Trigger Point therapy, Myofascial Release, and Neuromuscular Sculpting are a few examples of this.  Each of these modalities uses firm pressure to interact more directly with the muscles to help facilitate tension release and stretching of muscles. This form of massage is excellent for rehabilitation, chronic pain, and overall emotional and physical wellness.

Member Rate: $49 / hour  —  Guest: $60 / hour


Using the existing flow of the cerebral-spinal fluid in your body as a foundation, this non-invasive work helps release compression, which in turn alleviates pain, stress and tension from TMJ, chronic pain, neck/shoulder/back ache, migraines and more. Experience the gentle yoking of mind-body-spirit as Nicolas combines his abilities with traditional reiki healing techniques and chakra balancing in this east-west fusion massage experience.

Member Rate: $49 / hour  —  Guest: $60 / hour


Experience the healing benefits of Hot Stones therapy. Each 90-minute session provides a beautiful fusion of water-heated stones being placed on key points of the body and utilizing those heated stones as sculpting tools in the full-body massage. The heat of the stones penetrates into deep muscular layers, allowing the therapist greater access in working out stress and tension. Hot Stone therapy dissolves tension, increases circulation, stimulates metabolism, and eases muscle soreness.

Member Rate: $79 / 90 minutes — Guest: $100 / 90 minutes


Lymph is a very important companion to the circulatory system in our bodies.  When we get sick or have an injury, the nodes could become overloaded and as a result, the whole lymph system could get “sluggish” in its process.  This massage modality targets the lymph system to move things along, and is beneficial in reducing edema, swelling, and duration of disease.

Member Rate: $49 / hour  —  Guest: $60 / hour


Take your massage to a whole new level of rejuvenation with aromatherapy! Combining the highest quality essential oils with your massage can promote relaxation, reduce stress, help to improve circulation and reduce swelling and pain. Choose from our wide selection of VSNATUREWORKS oils here.

Member Rate: $49 / hour  —  Guest: $65 / hour


Massage during pregnancy is safe, gentle and a wonderful complementary choice for prenatal care. Not only can prenatal massage provide needed relief for backaches, leg cramps, headaches, edema, pinched nerves and overall soreness, massage during pregnancy can also reduce stress on weight-bearing joints, improve blood and lymph circulation, relax the nervous system (improving sleep), and balance the adrenal system (calm ever-changing hormones). Bolsters are arranged to make the massage experience blissful for every stage of pregnancy. (Learn more about our other prenatal services)

Member Rate: $49 / hour  —  Guest: $60 / hour


During a couples massage, two people receive the massage service of their choice at the same time, in the same room, from two different therapists. Two perks include: Unique bonding opportunities–participating in a shared experience such as massage naturally bonds two people together.  Increased comfort–bringing a partner provides comfort to first-timers who may be nervous about the massage experience. 

Online scheduling currently unavailable for couple’s massage. Please call Nicolas to book your appointment.

Member Rate: $99 / hour  —  Guest: $130 / hour


Bring massage therapy into your workplace. Host a Spa Night and offer massage therapy from the comfort of your own home. Plan a corporate retreat or family party and treat your staff or guests to some needed rest and relaxation. You plan it, we’ll help you achieve it. We bring our own equipment, set up wherever you like and spend anywhere from 10 minutes to a full hour (depending on time and number of people) massaging each individual. Schedule with us today!

Member Rate: $59 / hour  —  Guest: $75 / hour