Lay the Cement

Every time I am giving someone a massage, I try my best to identify all that is needed for that person to heal.  It can be in the form of a specific massage technique, a more energetic approach, or helping them talk out current problems they’re experiencing.  All of this is in line with my new, somewhat recent change in perspective about overall wellness.  In fact, our logo incorporates the new business model. The four points of the star represent the four aspects of wellness: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  

Often times I find myself needing to listen to my own advice as I give it to a client, things like nutrition and exercise, among others, that make me feel a bit hypocritical when I say it.  If you are one of my clients that has heard me advise this…well, now you know you are not the only one struggling. But this massage work turns around to benefit me, too. It gives me lots of opportunity for introspection. Recently I have found a specific focus for my personal development.  This definitely falls within the “spiritual” category of wellness. As you read on in this post, keep in mind that I want to focus on things of a spiritual nature, not a religious one.

Within the LDS context, in which I was raised, the child-to-father relationship is the most common representation of how we relate to God. This is an important foundation, and when it’s solid perhaps the relationship can evolve to higher realms, culminating in perfect union. The trouble is, when I think about my relationship with God, if I strip away all pretenses and go to the roots, I find that it really isn’t there, regardless of all the times I sang “I am a child of God” in church. And how can I expect to transcend to any higher heights if I still get hung up on the foundation? I can’t build my mansion without first laying the cement.

This realization has caused me to rethink the way I connect to God. Instead of searching OUT there or UP there for God, I’m going to start looking IN. I have started a new “series” in the meditation group centered in this approach of meditation: Finding God Within.  My hope is that as I walk this path, some of you that might have the same struggles can join in.  Also, I just want to say that although I am a member of the LDS church, these meditations are multi-denominational, or entirely non-denominational, however you see fit.  It’s my hope that all will feel welcome and excited to join in, but especially those who:

  • Struggle to feel a direct connection to God/Source
  • Feel their prayers are consistently one-way, not receiving answers
  • Want to establish a solid relationship with God/Source in order to foster a more robust spiritual life

Join me each Wednesday evening at 7:30 in our lobby. Wear comfortable/casual clothes, be prepared to take your shoes off, and find the perfect pillow to settle in. I hope to see you there!