Birth Workers Yoga Workshop

Thursday evenings, June 15th & July 13th, 7:30-9 pm / $50 for both

You are warmly welcomed to participate in a specially designed yoga experience JUST FOR BIRTH WORKERS, namely Midwives and Doulas. This is a two-part series led by Stephanie Sorensen, CYT, where we’ll delve deep into the subtleties and profundity of prenatal and postpartum yoga. Experience it first for yourself so that you can in turn share it with your expectant clients. We’ve tailored a yoga practice to meet the unique differences and challenges of every trimester that empowers each woman’s transformation. Class One: Prenatal Yoga (Trimesters 1-3) / Class Two: Postpartum (Trimester 4) & Restorative Thai Yoga. Bring a client with you and the $50 will be waived! Contact Stephanie, personally, for more information: 435-660-3176

Nature Seminars 2017

Grove Creek Loop June 30th-July 1st / Coyote Gulch September 22nd-24th

You’ve imagined yourself on the mountain trail, packing your own gear, filtering your daily water supply from the streams and lakes, but you’ve never known how to get there. You’ve longed for a deeper sense of purpose, a more enriching spiritual life, a stronger sense of Self, but you haven’t known where to start. These seminars were designed for you. These seminars were created with the beginner and the more-experienced in mind, so if you’re new to the outdoors, meditation and yoga, or looking for more opportunities to deepen your practice, these seminars are the next step.


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Couple’s Massage Class

Friday, August 18th 7-8:30 pm / Member Rate: $30 per couple — Guest: $45 per couple

Have you ever asked a friend or loved one for a massage only to be disappointed by how short it was?  Do you get achy hands when trying to give a massage?  Do you run out of ideas and don’t know how to effectively soothe or relax their aches? Then this class is for you!

This is the second class in our series, focusing mainly on neck and shoulders. Participants will get a laminated picture guide to take home and will gain access to the recorded class for future viewing. Bring a partner (spouse, significant other, roommate, sibling, friend or child) and jump in to the fun!

Holistic Health Consultations

By Appointment Only

Vickie Sorensen will be scheduling holistic health consultations in Utah Valley at Embody Wellness. Using the form of muscle testing known as bio-kinesiology along with an extensive knowledge of alternative therapies, Vickie compiles individualized health programs to help you achieve a state of optimal wellness.


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Meditation Group

Wednesday Evenings 7:30 pm / No Charge

Experience life in the present moment through meditation. Balance the chakras, calm the mind, feed the soul through aromatherapy and guided imagery. Train your mind to induce a new mode of consciousness to awaken inner peace.

The group meets at the Embody Wellness lobby. Free of charge and open to all. Meditation led by Nicolas or Stephanie Sorensen.


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