BodyTalk – EFT

Release the emotions. Heal the body.

What is BodyTalk? BodyTalk is a revolutionary form of alternative health care based on the principle that in the body there is a built-in mechanism, an innate wisdom, that constantly tends towards balance and healing at all levels. Your body is designed to self heal and is suppose to work in perfect synchronicity. In fact, when the body is operating at its optimal level, each system, cell, and atom is in constant communication with each other at all times. Through exposure to the stresses of daily life, however, these lines of communication can become compromised, leading to a decline in physical, emotional and/or mental health. BodyTalk is an astonishingly simple and effective form of therapy that releases the stressors from the body and allows its systems to be resynchronized so they can operate as nature intended.


How does BodyTalk Work? During a BodyTalk session, the client lies on a massage bed fully dressed while the practitioner facilitates communication with the innate wisdom of the body through neuromuscular biofeedback. Through the guidance of the client’s body, the practitioner is able to locate the imbalances within the body-mind complex that are a priority. The practitioner then uses different non-invasive techniques depending on the nature of the imbalance, thus restoring the communication patterns within the body. Why is BodyTalk Effective? BodyTalk’s major assets are its simplicity, safety and efficiency. Because the BodyTalk System allows the body’s own healing abilities to effect change, clients may see long-lasting, ongoing improvements in health rather than short-term symptomatic relief.

What about EFT? Emotional Freedom Technique is an emotion-based version of acupuncture which doesn’t use needles. It’s a simple yet revolutionary procedure where we stimulate the acupuncture points by tapping on them with our fingertips. It is based on the principle that all illness also has an emotional component and that emotions are “energy  in motion.” However, when emotions are stored in our system, this creates an interruption in the energy flow of the body.  Releasing negative emotions through tapping and focusing on the source of the blockage moves energy through the body’s meridian system. This helps a variety of physical and emotional symptoms diminish or entirely disappear.

During his sessions, Roberto Scordari combines these two powerful healing modalities according to priorities indicated by the body. While BodyTalk and EFT are not means of diagnosis and are not used to cure specific ailments, clients have exhibited significant improvement in a variety of areas including:

  • depression, grief, anxiety and perfectionism
  • unhealthy thought patterns
  • low self-esteem and body image
  • fears and phobias
  • traumatic memories and PTSD
  • addictions and cravings
  • nervous eating or binge eating
  • insomnia
  • headaches and migraines
  • chronic back, hip, and shoulder pain
  • digestive disorders including acid reflux
  • allergies and intolerances
  • joint pain and muscle tension

To find out more or schedule a free consultation, contact Roberto at robscordari@gmail.com. You may also reach him at the number listed below.


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BodyTalk Session Rates

60-90 Minute Session / $75


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