Bodhi Birth

Reclaiming birth as a rite of passage

Bodhi, interpreted from sanskrit, means “awakened”. Embody Wellness, in conjunction with Bodhi Yoga, created this program for women and families to facilitate that awakening for the birth experience. We do that primarily through Yoga, Meditation, Education and Body Work. This program is inspired by several different methods and mentors, particularly: Newman’s Calm Birth method, Gurmukh’s Khalsa Way approach and Syl Carson’s Bodhi Yoga dosha-trimester-specific philosophy. It represents thousands of hours of dedicated study and research in pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, meditation and yoga.

The program includes many inspired services: birth doula, nutritional consulting, book & film group, a Mother’s Blessing ritual, infant massage class, and more! It is designed to guide a first-time mother-to-be OR a seasoned mother welcoming another child to her growing family. No matter what your birth plan may be, the Bodhi Birth program will educate, lift and empower you to plan for the best possible outcome, discover your personal birth preferences and furthermore, empower you to see that whatever ends up being your birth experience is the best possible birth experience for you and your baby. Bodhi Birth is about reclaiming birth as a rite of passage and provides the tools to help women achieve that.

Claim this rite of passage for yourself. Be fully awake in your life. Experience your very own Bodhi Birth.



Select one or more of our individual Bodhi Birth services, or enroll for the full one-year program and experience it all (details below):


Birth DoulaYoga ClassesPrivate SessionsMeditationBirth Educational CourseHealth ConsultationsBook & Film GroupMother's Blessing
Doulas provide irreplaceable emotional, physical and spiritual support to a woman during her pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum. Doulas can facilitate communication with the staff to ensure the birthing woman has adequate information she needs to make informed choices regarding her labor and baby’s birth. Doulas offer invaluable reassurance, perspective, suggestions for labor progress, help with relaxation, massage, positioning and other techniques that invite comfort and empowerment in the birth experience. Different from your hired medical birth team, doulas are not involved in any medical procedures and work alongside doctors and midwives in every birth setting, be it home, birth center or hospital.

Stephanie is a certified yoga teacher, birth doula, and childbirth educator. Each of her four children were born at home in a birthing-tub with the assistance of a skilled midwife. Though she “survived” the birth of her first child, it was an overwhelming and somewhat traumatic experience with a lengthy physical and emotional recovery, working through over 8 months of postpartum depression. With each succeeding birth she sought out and discovered new techniques that transformed her “un-medicated/traumatic/painful birth experience” into an “all-natural/personally-empowering/peaceful birth experience”. This journey led her to create the Bodhi Birth program and to train as a doula, enabling her to share this process with her fellow sistas! Though her personal birth experiences were at home and un-medicated, Stephanie is a huge supporter of women making informed choices and offers her services to women in any and all birth circumstances.

When hiring Stephanie as your doula you will receive the following services:

-Support during labor & delivery
-Optional Rebozo support (which you will get to keep)
-2 private sessions (Restorative Thai Yoga / Massage Therapy)
-1 postpartum check-in & debrief
-Access to weekly meditation group
-9-Class Birth Educational Course for couples

For more information about Stephanie Sorensen, click here.

“I am so grateful I invited Stephanie to be my doula. This was my third child, and I did not have a doula with my first two children. I was planning on going unmedicated, so it gave me great peace of mind to know someone would be there to support me through the pain. Stephanie was so positive and encouraging from the first conversation. She listened to my needs and saw them through 100%. She advocated for me at the hospital as well as checked on me later at home, so I knew she truly cared. I had a beautiful experience, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing!”    -Heather, Provo, UT


BIRTH DOULA SERVICES / $895 / Schedule an “Intro Session” at no charge




PRENATAL CLASS: Designed for the ever-changing pregnant woman’s body and is suited for all trimesters! Move through an energizing Bodhi Flow beautifully interwoven with pranayama. Explore the profundity of subtlety with Bodhi Spin, interlaced with supported balancing poses. Soothe aching muscles and ease discomfort with the Bodhi Yin restorative practice. Discover the gentle art of surrendering and present-moment living. Learn beautiful kriyas specific to pregnancy: owning your birth space, trusting and letting go, sleep aid, dreams, fear clearing, unlocking hidden power, emotional balance, morning sickness, healing past wounds, self-love and honoring womanhood.

Tuesday evenings / 7:30-9 / Bodhi Yoga Studio



POSTPARTUM CLASS: Much attention and focus is given to expecting mothers, and thankfully so, but the days, weeks, and months following the delivery are all too often neglected. This is, in essence, the fourth trimester! This class guides postpartum mothers on their journey to healing, recovery, and new-found strength. Combining the best of Bodhi’s Flow, Spin, and Restorative yoga, special attention is paid to strengthening the abdomen, releasing tension in the neck, shoulders and chest, and most importantly, opening the heart. Along with experiencing the power of mantras at each class, kriyas for this trimester include: nursing, connecting to family, emotional balance, love enough, and mother power.

Thursday evenings / 7:30-9 / Bodhi Yoga Studio


“When I was pregnant with my third child, I started feeling lots of aches and pains. I looked for a prenatal yoga class online, and found Stephanie at Bodhi Yoga. I started attending her class to get a workout but got so much more than that. Stephanie’s yoga class quickly became a “must-do” staple of my week during pregnancy.  I found almost immediately that my body felt so much better after working out with her.  I felt less achy and tense, and more flexible.  And my baby obviously loved the deep breathing!  I felt my baby move for the first time during class, and looked forward to connecting with her every week this way.”      -Emilie, Provo


DROP IN $12 / 3-CLASS PASS $30 / 8-CLASS PASS $72 – Bring cash or card in person


Bodhi Yoga Studio Website

MASSAGE THERAPY: Safe, gentle and therapeutic, massage is a wonderful complementary choice for prenatal care. Not only can prenatal massage provide needed relief for backaches, leg cramps, headaches, edema, pinched nerves and overall soreness, massage during pregnancy can also reduce stress on weight-bearing joints, improve blood and lymph circulation, relax the nervous system (improving sleep), and balance the adrenal system (calm ever-changing hormones). Bolsters are arranged to make the massage experience blissful for every stage of pregnancy.



RESTORATIVE THAI YOGA: Practiced on a soft pad rolled out on the floor, bolsters are expertly arranged to accommodate every stage of pregnancy and to facilitate therapeutic stretching and gentle yoga postures. These sessions promote emotional well-being and induce a deep state of relaxation with a synergistic blend of marma point pressure, running sen lines and flowing into deep stretches. Whether you’re flexible and experienced in yoga or just starting out, Thai Yoga meets you wherever you’re at. It has far-reaching benefits for all trimesters. For doula clients that so choose, a rebozo is incorporated into these sessions, adding an extra measure of comfort and bliss.



PRIVATE YOGA SESSIONS: If the weekly yoga classes aren’t enough and you desire a deeper exploration and understanding of yoga and meditation, consider scheduling a private yoga session with certified yoga teacher, Stephanie Sorensen. Learn the HOW and WHY of meditation one-on-one. Receive personalized instruction, practical tools and “take-home” practice ideas. Establish a personalized vinyasa sequence tailored to YOUR BODY and be inspired to take it your own mat at home!



CRANIAL-SACRAL: This energy balancing/emotional clearing session is an important aspect of the Bodhi Birth program. Using the existing flow of the cerebral-spinal fluid in your body as a foundation, this non-invasive work helps release compression, which in turn alleviates pain, stress and tension, chronic pain, neck/shoulder/back ache, migraines and more. On an even deeper level, one begins to experience the gentle yoking of mind-body-spirit as therapist, Nicolas Sorensen, combines his abilities with traditional reiki healing techniques and chakra balancing in this east-west fusion massage experience. Bring balance to your emotions and energy, clear fears and traumas, step into your labor and birth (and LIFE) fully integrated and aligned.



“I did a personal Thai yoga session with Stephanie outside of class…and it was so relaxing and helpful. I love the studio; it smells good, has views of leaves outside the windows, and it has a water feature that makes the most beautiful sounds.  It’s a really peaceful place.  I discovered that I felt renewed emotionally and mentally afterwards, in addition to my body feeling better.”     -Emilie, Provo





Meditation is one of the main branches of the “Bodhi Birth Tree” where mothers-to-be develop a daily practice for themselves. Not only does meditation allow access to one’s highest level of consciousness, it also allows women to gain power over their bodily reflexes and responses. This is crucial for women choosing to birth naturally without aide of medication and can help them transform pain into sensation–all through the power of an awakened mind! But perhaps you have a cesarean scheduled or plan to birth with an epidural–meditation is no less valuable of a resource. If practiced regularly in preparation, you can gain mastery over your stress-response. Meditation (among other things) helps you slow and deepen your breathe, with determines the heart rate, which determines the hormonal and chemical releases in the body, which ultimately determine your state of relaxation and sense of calm. Sounds conducive to every possible labor and birth scenario!

Some clients have asked “What is the difference between hypnosis and meditation, specifically in preparation for childbirth?”. We explore the answer to this question in great depth in our birth education classes (see tab), but briefly summarized: meditation allows you to BEHOLD your thoughts and impulses instead of being CONTROLLED by them. It has the ability to take you “In & Over” the pain as opposed to a hypnotic “Down & Away”. Women and couples enrolled in the Bodhi Birth program gain access to our weekly meditation group. Those that choose to participate in the prenatal yoga class will get yet another weekly opportunity to practice specific meditations and breath work for labor and birth. And, finally, enrolled members also have the option to schedule private meditation sessions (see “Private Sessions” tab).

Wednesday evenings / 7:30-8:15 pm / Embody Wellness Lobby

DROP IN $5 – Bring cash or card in person / NO FEE FOR ENROLLED MEMBERS

Class One: Peaceful & Awakened Birth
“The Bodhi Tree”

Class one is an introduction to the 7-Branches of the Bodhi Tree: Creating a Peaceful & Awakened birth experience. Discussion highlights: Why Meditation? The difference between Meditation and Hypnosis. Cultural influences and how to rewrite the script. Birth as a “Master Path”…and much more!

Class Two: Anatomy of Body & Spirit –
 “Sacred Space”

Your second class focuses on what it means to gather prana, or life-force, into the body and how to open to the newness of childbirth. East meets West in this meaningful discussion on the physical AND spiritual anatomy of pregnancy as we explore what it means to create a sacred space.

Class Three: Couple Unity –

This class takes couples on a journey to discover what it means to be “equally yoked” from a yogic philosophical standpoint and explores the interplay of the masculine and feminine energies.  Couples will experience guided therapeutic partner yoga and couple massage techniques (hands-on time!) to support improved communication and the alleviation of discomforts.

Class Four: Preferences & Choices –
“Empowered Path”

Your fourth class is centered on mastering the art of focus amidst all the voices and opinions of what your pregnancy-childbirth experience should be. Participate in a discussion on empowered choices, exploring all of your available options for “owning” your birth experience.

Class Five: Navigating Emotions –
“Pilot’s License”

Gain practical tools for managing, processing and clearing trapped emotions. Understand the hormones and chemicals specific to pregnancy and how they affect our emotions. Emotional blockages are the result of “holding on” to past grievances, traumas or pain. During birth, where “letting go” is the main objective, we naturally resort to our modus operandi of “holding on”…and there lies the vicious, self-defeating struggle.

Class Six:  Meditation –
“The Labyrinth of Birth”

Your sixth class explores the foundations of meditation for childbirth and pain management. Not only will we discuss the labyrinth of birth, but couples will get to walk through a beautiful 45’x45′ labyrinth!

Class Seven: Labor & Birth
“Strong, yet Flexible”

Here we learn the basics of what to expect during labor and birth, and gain a gentle exposure to possible complications and alternative outcomes. Engage in a meaningful discussion on what it means to be both strong AND flexible, and how that can empower your entire birth experience.

Class Eight: Postpartum Support Plan –
“Reclaiming Your Power Center”

Reclaim your power by reclaiming your CORE. Pregnancy is one instance where it’s profoundly beautiful for women to give freely of themselves, emotionally and certainly physically. We are providing their cellular growth and doing so through their power center (the umbilicus), their hara. And they gestate within OURS! We are linked generation after generation, mother to child, through this process. It’s part of our metamorphosis to share our power with our offspring. But problems arise when we don’t reclaim that power.

BONUS Class Nine: Infant Massage Class

Learn from a licensed massage therapist (and father!) helpful and meaningful massage techniques to practice on your baby! Learn from a certified yoga teacher (and mother!) key marma points (energy centers) on your baby and ways they can be simply activated or balanced. Increase opportunities for skin to skin contact, gentle stimulation and emotional bonding.




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Nutrition is a critical component of a healthy pregnancy and recovery, and certainly impacts the health and wellness of your child for many years to come. Prenatal nutrition is often thought to be important, but seldom is specific and practical nutritional advice given to expectant mothers. When enrolled in our program you will benefit from your own private consultation with our Master Herbalist and Kinesiologist where you’ll receive a full-body health evaluation, assessing every organ and system of the body. You’ll go home with a comprehensive list of supplement suggestions and nutritional guidelines tailored specifically to YOU and your BABY! For a personal bio on our Kinesiologist and Master Herbalist, Vickie Sorensen, click here. To see a sampling of our highest quality Natureworks supplements, click here.





One of the greatest challenges couple and families face that are seeking an awakened birth experience is overcoming the pervasive negative culture surrounding birth. This book and film group is designed to rewrite the script, to expose you to a whole new culture and philosophy of birth. The books are scientific, spiritual & practical. The films are inspiring, provocative & moving. Held once a month, and couples are encouraged to attend together.


Book choices are based largely on the interests of each group and may include some of the following:

“Calm Birth: New Method for Conscious Childbirth” by Robert Newman

“Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful” by Gurmukh

“Birthing from Within” by Pam England

“Lying-In: A History of Childbirth in America” by Richard Wertz, Dorothy Wertz (selections)

“Labyrinth of Birth” by Pam England

“The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth” by Henci Goer

“Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth” by Ina May Gaskin

“The Red Tent” by Anita Diamant


Film choices are based largely on the interests of each group and may include some of the following:

Birth videography of actual live births

Documentaries on: hospital birth, home birth, midwifery, birth in America, birth internationally, nursing/breastfeeding, etc.



Join in this special ritual and celebration of motherhood, inspired by the Navajo Blessingway tradition. Different from our western baby shower tradition, this ceremony honors the woman’s coming rite of passage into motherhood. It is intended to support and sustain the woman’s emotional and physical needs. The expectant woman is surrounded by a powerful network of her female community, silent supporters and mentors of “those who have gone before”–mother, grandmother, sisters, friends. She sheds her fears, finds new vision, is pampered with massage, henna and a delicious feast! This is attended by all 3rd trimester mamas currently enrolled in the Bodhi Birth porgram, and a female partner of their choice (mother, sister, doula, midwife, friend, partner).



“Stephanie is kind, attentive, and responsive to the needs of [prenatal] class members.  She knows her stuff!  The alignment prompts that she gives take me deep into the stretches.  This helps me avoid getting hurt by doing stretches the wrong way and also helps my body to get the full intended benefit of each move. I’ve started attending Stephanie’s postpartum class, and I love it equally.  It’s helping me to get my body back in shape, and to take some needed time for myself during the busy infant phase of life. I’m grateful that I stumbled across this gem of a yoga class!”  

-Emilie, Provo

Bodhi Birth Program

When enrolled in the full Bodhi Birth program, you experience the following services:


  • Birth Doula (optional)
  • Weekly Yoga Classes (Prenatal + Postpartum)
  • Weekly Meditation Group
  • Monthly Private Session of choice (one per month: Massage or Yoga)
  • Monthly couple participation in Book & Film Group (books/films provided)
  • 2 Health Consultations + Nutritional Support
  • Couple participation in full Birth Education Course
  • Mother’s Blessing celebration during 3rd Trimester (with partner of choice)


PLUS, each member of our program receives the following products:


  • Student Manual/Educational Handouts (coming soon!)
  • Supplements Bundle (our prenatal Natureworks products-$250 value!)
  • Chakra Meditation deck
  • Rebozo (optional)


For more information about this empowering prenatal program, or to get enrolled, you can text Stephanie to set up an Intro Session at no charge:


Or schedule online:


Select “Prenatal Services”, then “Intro Session” with “Stephanie Sorensen”. When checking out, feel free to add any extra notes in the “Notes” box. Stephanie will contact you at the scheduled time you select. Thank you for your interest in our program!