Blog: Beyond Balance

Blog: Beyond Balance

Eighteen months ago I started a personal journey of discovery and healing that developed into a program that I now offer to everyone. It is a type of life coaching that focuses on healing the past to get a better future. It went through many iterations and versions, finally to land on the name: Beyond Balance.

What is it, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. It is a program that I developed to basically get answers to difficult questions that people have about their complete health. It started with three main points:

  •  Helping people find out the main obstacles to their goal or intentions for a full, happy life.
  • Getting an idea of how far they have come in their progress and how much longer they need to work on their struggles.
  • Personalizing a program that targets specific obstacles with treatments, therapies, or tasks.

All of this works around what I have defined as the four aspects of wellness: physical, mental emotional, and spiritual. Each of these are important for good health, much like four legs on a table. And the things I suggest will target the areas in your life that may be lacking.

Pretty amazing, right? So, why have you never heard of it until reading this? That is because this program is essentially me, with all my personal struggles and limitations. I basically haven’t promoted it very much because I didn’t feel safe promoting myself that much. Now, this blog post.

This is an announcement of things to come. I will be posting regularly for at least the next six months on things that are involved in my life coaching program. Whether it be a malady, treatment, or even a shift in perspective or philosophy. I hope to help people just by them having read what I will present but also to advertise at the same time my service. 

So, feel free to bookmark the website, like the page on Facebook or follow on Instagram. If anything you read on this blog in the future helps you, share it! You can also comment on any of my posts and I’d love the interaction.


Nicolas Sorensen


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