Beyond Balance: Health Problems

Beyond Balance: Health Problems

Welcome to everyone! This post is intended to be for informational purposes only, and is a product of my opinion and experience as a massage therapist and life coach. Please consult with a medical provider and do your own research with any tips or suggestions I present here, and do not disregard any treatment or advice given to you already. And also please do seek help if you struggle with anything I write about in this blog.

One thing that can be entirely frustrating is our health when something goes wrong. It can be almost shocking to us when we contract a disease and we can also start to feel the stages of denial. Health issues can turn the most emotionally free person into a victim where they blame their body, other people, or life conditions as the cause of the illness. Through the course of this blog, I have mentioned many emotional and mental maladies, but what about physical symptoms? 

It might be difficult to tackle this subject because of the sheer number of disorders that can afflict the human body. We as a society have made a lot of effort in understanding health and wellness, and there is a huge industry that both detects and provides medicine for whatever we come down with.

It makes sense. The physical body is something that we can see, touch, experience, and makes sense compared to anything mental, emotional, or spiritual. There is a great comfort knowing that if you put a certain chemical cocktail inside any body, the reactions to it are basically the same in every person. With anything else outside the physical, healing can become a guessing game, where one thing that helps one may not be effective for another. And, it’s practically impossible to measure, diagnose, or observe. How much sadness are you experiencing? There’s no number to define it.

But what about those times that science fails or can’t explain a physical symptom? There are many who have been disillusioned by their doctors’ inability to treat their illness. Could the physical body be something that is also interpretive, like emotions? How can we as a scientific society account for so-called ‘miraculous healing’, where someone recovered in spite of predicted outcomes or administered medicine?

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With my business, I define total wellness as being healthy in four categories: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. If someone is not at 100% in everything, they could experience dis-ease. Even if a person is at peak physical health, if the other categories suffer, the person suffers. And this could be the most confusing thing to experience for a person that eats nutritiously, exercises regularly, and gets regular check-ups. Unfortunately, this situation can also lead to an even greater imbalance, as one might think that if they do more exercise, more extreme diets, or more radical treatments it could solve the problem. Such a person isn’t looking at the whole picture their body is trying to present.

With massage, I often encounter someone who experiences pain but doesn’t have an explanation. They usually blame their sleep habits, meaning that they “slept on their neck weird.” When this happens, I know that in most of the cases, it is because there has been an upheaval in their life: mental, emotional or otherwise. Meaning that if one cannot directly connect their physical pain to a bodily injury, it is something deeper. 

Why would something like this happen? I like to think that as structured and predictable our physical life may be, our meta-physical life is most likely chaotic and in a state of flux. Our mental health, (as I define it), is subject to stressors that can occur constantly in our life from work, family, relationships, etc. All it may take is one extra task your boss assigns to you to tip the scale from manageable to over-loaded. Our emotional health needs only a simple little event to trigger some trauma from our past. And our spiritual health, (possibly the most stable next to physical), depends upon how we feel about things and our connection to the world and people around us.

It can be somewhat depressing to think that even if we feel healthy, our health can still suffer due to our other states of being that we can’t measure or diagnose. Again, we might feel ourselves victimized by something we can’t help or control. But I like to think of it as an opportunity. Sure, our mental or emotional health can be wild and unpredictable, but we can metaphorically grab the reins and go along with the ride. 

Our bodies are amazing. So amazing that it can provide us a symptom of something that needs addressing, even if it’s metaphysical. In our day and age we have a lot of information that connects physical symptoms with a possible emotional root. Within a massage, I can ask someone about their pain and a brief history of their life. A pattern usually emerges that gives me clues to what they might be dealing with. (You can read more on my post about patterns relating to core emotions here.) 

There are always clues and solutions for us. I would like to think that anything we can experience as far as dysfunction has an answer if we are willing to look for it. If we can tune into our body and ask it questions, it will give us answers. I have seen it happen in my life and with clients I work with through Beyond Balance. And even if the solution to your specific problem is physical, getting in tune with yourself can empower you in that knowledge.

Remember to smile, you are always doing the best you can in your situation.

Meditation tips:

  • If you experience pain in a part of your body, tune into that area with your mind. Visualize the oxygen from your breathing enter into the area and give healing. 
  • Think about that body part and tap into its natural intelligence. See if you can pick up on what is bothering the area. Then, determine what can be done for that area for healing.
  • Ask your body a question and wait for a response. It could be a physical sensation, an idea, or a feeling.