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"This was my first time ever getting a massage. I had a bad kink in my neck, and I could tell that stress was really tying me in knots. So even though I felt a little squeamish about getting a massage from a guy, I figured I had to give it a try. And, it was amazing! Nicolas put me completely at ease. He was knowledgeable, professional, personable. And he is clearly very gifted at what he does. I left his office feeling like a new person -- so relaxed and even peaceful. Physically, I felt fantastic. My neck returned to normal within a day. I'm converted, and will be going back to Nicolas again."
"I have dealt with a significant degree of pain, muscle tension, and back spasms for years due to scoliosis. I used to take multiple doses of muscle relaxers a day, and was maxed out on anti-inflammatories. I could hardly walk, I had difficulty sleeping, and unmanageable pain. Since seeing Nicolas, my pain has decreased substantially, I have cut down my intake of medications by three-quarters, and I feel so much better. Massage therapy has been one of the best decisions I have made for my health, and Nicolas in particular has provided me with quality care. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a quality massage therapist!"


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 “I love the prenatal yoga class with Stephanie! I have never done any yoga with my previous pregnancies and I can feel a big difference physically and mentally as I’m getting ready to give birth. I feel stronger and less stress at the end of each class than I have ever felt before. I definitely recommend it to all mamas-to-be.”

-Laetitia, Provo

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