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Targeted Massage

Experience migraine relief with our specially designed massage experience that combines deep tissue and cranial-sacral work. Find natural relief from anxiety and depression through our fusion of deep tissue and Reiki techniques.

Advantage Point Coaching

Are you trying to achieve certain life goals? Are you trying to overcome addictions or negative behavioral tendencies? This one-on-one coaching session helps you identify your biggest obstacles that are blocking you from achieving success AND how to overcome them.

Thai Yoga Sessions

Don't just DO yoga, RECEIVE yoga. This gentle and blissful one-on-one session involves deep stretching, light flowing strokes, marma-point pressure and sip sen activation. Experience whole body alignment.

Heated Earth Stones Massage

Our House Specialty that combines intuitive hot stone placement, deep tissue massage, Reiki techniques and guided meditation. This massage is for those seeking more than just a physical tune-up, but rather a WHOLE-SOUL experience.

Get More with Beyond Balance

Life Coaching...Beyond

Do you need an alternative perspective for your life? Read all about Beyond Balance: the new and improved system of life coaching. The blog can be a great start for those that struggle with deep-rooted emotional trauma, constant mental stress, or a lack of spiritual connection. Find direction today!

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